LAUNCH Alum Leads Disruptive Changes in Advertising


Everyone talks about TV dollars leaking into digital, but what happens behind the scenes to make those dollars move? Vic Walia, senior director of brand marketing for Expedia, said it involves change management and rewiring old assumptions. Expedia is using a new cross-screen media mix modeling and TV planning tool built by TubeMogul to determine what budget to allocate toward specific campaign goals. More importantly, Expedia is beginning to execute and measure performance against its buys.

TubeMogul’s system mashes the data against inventory to determine unduplicated reach. Then, for every person the brand didn’t reach within its strategic target, TubeMogul predicts what combination of media will be most effective.

“You go from talking about media execution challenges such as delivering on-target CPMs to very quickly talking about all the opportunities for incrementality, and where you can save them millions of dollars,” said Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul. “We didn’t design this as a black box…Buyers challenge us and everything is open for critique.”

Brett Williams and John Hughes, both MBA 07, founded TubeMogul which was the LAUNCH Grand Prize winner in 2007.

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