We seek talented professionals to mentor teams to help them strengthen their business case and provide advice on overcoming their most important challenges.

By mentoring in the Competition, you will become exposed to startups that are based on some of the most exciting new technologies coming out of the UC system. At the same time you will be able to extend your network and visibility through the LAUNCH’s mixers and cross-functional activities amongst students, entrepreneurs and VCs.
Mentors are a critical piece of taking our startups to the next level. We want your insights, wisdom and entrepreneurial experience! Read feedback from our mentors last year:

• “Really enjoyed helping the team transform their idea into a great business plan and presentation.”
• “The mentorship experience is a great way for alumni and community members to give back.”
• “I enjoyed learning about new opportunities and sharing the passion that entrepreneurs have in starting new businesses.”

Mentor Commitment

Mentors can take one of three roles in LAUNCH:

• Adjuncts are an extension of the instruction team and make a significant time and
personal commitment to the competition.
• Adjuncts are not matched with a specific startup, but instead provide overarching support in the form of office hours, email/phone interaction with teams as needed, and feedback during/after online sessions with teams.
• Active domain experts in directly relevant areas including product design, business creation, and markets.
• Adjuncts have the opportunity to participate fully in the curriculum and create deep relationships with participating entrepreneurs.
• Time commitment: Approximately 4-8h/week from February to April.

• Mentors provide in-depth coaching, help participants to implement feedback from online sessions and support with development of business canvas.
• Mentors are matched with a specific startup for the duration of the program. They are also an on-call resource for other participating teams in specific areas (if willing).
• Experts in markets, technologies, product demo creation, manufacturing, product channels and entrepreneurship.
• Time commitment: Approximately 2-4h/week from February to April, including participation in in-person and online sessions.

• Observers can watch online sessions and attend bootcamp. This role is perfect for those who would like to mentor in the future.
• Time commitment: Optional participation in online sessions. Approximately 1-2h/week from February to April.