This Year’s Winners

Congratulations to the WINNERS of the 15th Annual UC Berkeley Startup Competition!

Grand Prize and First Place Healthcare: Resido Medical

Resido Medical has developed a small wearable device for patients with Essential Tremor that improves their hand and wrist tremor without interfering in their ability to perform daily activities. It is reversible, acts in peripheral nerves, is low risk to patients, and provides acceptable treatment options without the side-effects of any competing technology or drug.

First Place IT & Web: SweatGuru

SweatGuru is the OpenTable of fitness: a software platform that provides fitness businesses with a single solution for business management and growth, and consumers with a single destination for discovering, reserving, and paying for fitness classes online.

First Place Products and Services: is a consumer relationship platform that captures and brings consumer & product post purchase usage and behavior data together with social interaction data intelligently to power brands, e-tailors, and service providers for brand loyalty, upsell, product improvements & product/services discovery.

First Place Energy and Cleantech: Seismos

Seismos is a breakthrough seismic technology developed by the Berkeley Lawrence Laboratory. Our company focuses on CO2 EOR applications and allows real time, continuous monitoring of underground reservoirs, while accurately tracking CO2 flows. We enable operators to realize 70% gain on incremental Oil production while saving 50% on CO2 costs. Unlike existing seismic technologies, Seismos requires no field crew or disruptive equipment and offers continuous real-time monitoring rather than weeks of intensive data processing. Real time monitoring allows for real time adjustments of the CO2 flows in case of production anomalies without any disruption in the regular oil production operations.

People’s Choice Award: Eventable

Eventable is a revolutionary new marketing platform that helps marketers promote events and sales to their customers through the unique medium of calendar feeds. Our event marketing platform is focused on converting a customer’s online actions into in-store shopping experiences.

Elevator Pitch Winner: Fresh Picks

Fresh Picks has aims to make a large-scale impact by re-imagining the prepared food system and revolutionizing the way people select meals outside of the home.