WINNERS of the 2017 LAUNCH Competition

Rob Moore and Sarah Yates (both MBA 18) were co-chairs.
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Grand Prize: Oishii Farm

Oishii Farm revolutionizes controlled environment agriculture by leveraging innovative technologies from Japan.

Runner Up: Butterfly Medical

Butterfly Medical has developed an implantable device for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), the non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate, which the company says affects 50 percent of men over age 60..

Audience Choice: Mekonos

Mekonos is developing a new approach for non-viral cell engineering using a proprietary silicon nano-robotic chip (KAREL) that delivers biomaterial or molecules into potentially, millions of individual cells.

Plug & Play in-kind winners: Kokko

Kokko helps companies build digital experiences that give consumers the confidence to purchase when color is critical.

WINNERS of the 2016 LAUNCH Competition

Alex Evangelides and Eddie Gandevia (both MBA 17) were co-chairs.
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Grand Prize: LiftEd

Lifted makes an iPad application that helps education professionals accurately measure and reliably report the progress of special education students. There are nearly seven million pre-K to grade 12 students in the U.S. with legally diagnosed disabilities. LiftED enables educators to personalize student learning goals, analyze learning trends to make real-time adjustment to teaching methods, and share progress with school districts and parents.
The team includes co-founder and CEO Andrew Hill and Amy Chou, both MBA 16.

Second Prize: Butterfly Medical

Butterfly Medical has developed an implantable device for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), the non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate, which the company says affects 50 percent of men over age 60.
The team includes CEO Idan Geva, MBA 09.

Second Prize (Social): Dost

Dost built a mobile phone platform that helps break the cycle of illiteracy by delivering early education content and activities to low-income moms. Dost was also a finalist in the 2016 Global Social Venture Competition.
The team includes Founder and CEO Sneha Sheth, MBA 16; Sindhuja Jeyabal, MIMS 16, I School; and Devanshi Unadkat, PhD candidate, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education.

Audience Choice: Innovein

Innovein provides a prosthetic valve for the veins that helps cure venous leg ulcers, a condition that affects roughly four million people in the United States.

Third Prize: Players’ Lounge

Players’ Lounge is a social video gaming startup that provides gamers with a platform to play their favorite sports games for cash and prizes.
The team includes co-founder and CFO Mark Murphy, MBA 17.

WINNERS of the 2015 LAUNCH Competition

Dan Schoening and Franklin Russell (both MBA 16) were co-chairs.

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Grand Prize: Transcense

Transcense has created a mobile app that allows people with hearing-impairments to understand and participate in group conversations.
Team includes Thibault Duchemin, MEng, 14

Runner-up: xendit

Xendit has built an app to transfer money around the world at a fraction of the cost of established money-wiring services.
Team: Moses Lo and Vivek Ahuja, both MBA 15; and Bo Chen and Juan Gonzalez, both EECS 13.

Faculty Choice: DeviceFarm

DeviceFarm has built a medical device to cure fungal nail infections.
Team includes Jeffrey Roe, PhD Bioengineering, 89.

Audience Choice: Optucourse

Optucourse aims to improve online learning via live online discussions.
Team: Jonathan Heyne, MBA 15; Armando Fox, PhD Computer Science, 98


WINNERS of the 2014 LAUNCH Competition

Kristen Duffel and Moses Lo (both MBA 15) were co-chairs.

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Grand Prize and First Place IT & Web Track: ReMeeting

ReMeeting is a mobile meeting recorder and personal cloud service for reviewing and sharing in-person meetings. Instead of plain audio files, we use speech and language technologies to produce an interactive document that is searchable by speakers and keywords.
Team: Arlo Faria, Korbinian Riedhammer, PhD, Erika Pfaffen, MBA, and David Imseng, PhD

First Place Energy & Cleantech Track: Picoyune

Picoyune is a chemical sensing company whose patented technology condenses a laboratory’s worth of equipment into handheld monitors anyone can use.
Team: Andy Reed, Jay James, Jeff Crosby, Daniel Sherman

First Place Life Sciences Track: Awair: Breathe Better Technology

Awair is a medical device company focused on solving patient needs in pulmonary and critical care. Their first product, the Wyshbone catheter, numbs the throat to eliminate discomfort from the breathing tube for critically ill ventilated patients.
Team: Rush Bartlett and Frank Wang

First Place Products & Services Track: Teaman & Co.

Teaman & Company is bringing the experience of buying luxury and bespoke jewelry to the world. The company uses 3D printing and high touch service to bring their clients extraordinary artisanal pieces and unique gemstones they’ve never seen before.
Team: Chloe Alpert and Alastair Trueger (MBA 15)

People’s Choice Award: ViVita Technologies

ViVita’s mission is to eliminate the donor organ and tissue shortage with off-the-shelf, animal-derived replacements.
Team: Jeni Lee and Maelene Wong

Elevator Pitch Winner: SmartBod

SmartBod builds vibrators that learn from and adapt to a woman’s physiological reactions, heightening her level of pleasure and enlightening her (and her partner) about her sexual preferences.


WINNERS of the 2013 UC Berkeley Startup Competition

Slava Balter and Alex Loa (both MBA 14) were co-chairs.

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Grand Prize and First Place Healthcare: Resido Medical

Resido Medical has developed a small wearable device for patients with Essential Tremor that improves their hand and wrist tremor without interfering in their ability to perform daily activities. It is reversible, acts in peripheral nerves, is low risk to patients, and provides acceptable treatment options without the side-effects of any competing technology or drug.
Team: Kate Rosenbluth, PhD, John Paderi, PhD, and Vijay Rajasekhar

First Place IT & Web: SweatGuru

SweatGuru is the OpenTable of fitness: a software platform that provides fitness businesses with a single solution for business management and growth, and consumers with a single destination for discovering, reserving, and paying for fitness classes online.

First Place Products and Services: is a consumer relationship platform that captures and brings consumer & product post purchase usage and behavior data together with social interaction data intelligently to power brands, e-tailors, and service providers for brand loyalty, upsell, product improvements & product/services discovery.
The team includes Haas entrepreneurship lecturer Ajay Bam.

First Place Energy and Cleantech: Seismos

Seismos is a breakthrough seismic technology developed by the Berkeley Lawrence Laboratory. Our company focuses on CO2 EOR applications and allows real time, continuous monitoring of underground reservoirs, while accurately tracking CO2 flows. We enable operators to realize 70% gain on incremental Oil production while saving 50% on CO2 costs. Unlike existing seismic technologies, Seismos requires no field crew or disruptive equipment and offers continuous real-time monitoring rather than weeks of intensive data processing. Real time monitoring allows for real time adjustments of the CO2 flows in case of production anomalies without any disruption in the regular oil production operations.
The team includes Haas alumnus Panos Adamopoulos, MBA 01.

People’s Choice Award: Eventable

Eventable is a revolutionary new marketing platform that helps marketers promote events and sales to their customers through the unique medium of calendar feeds. Our event marketing platform is focused on converting a customer’s online actions into in-store shopping experiences.

Elevator Pitch Winner: Fresh Picks

Fresh Picks has aims to make a large-scale impact by re-imagining the prepared food system and revolutionizing the way people select meals outside of the home.
The team includes Haas students Minnie Fong, MBA 13, and Katie Fritts, MBA 14.


WINNERS of the 2012 UC Berkeley Startup Competition

Nick Mascioli (MBA 13), Adam Sterling (MBA 12), and Tom VanLangen (MBA 13) were co-chairs.
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Grand Prize and First Place Life Science & Healthcare: Calcula Technologies

Calcula Technologies is developing a novel urological medical device for the removal of kidney stones outside of the operating room. Our patent pending technology will treat 4M patients/year in the US and EU. With clear FDA predicates and existing CPT reimbursement codes Calcula will be a major disruption in the field of Urology.
Team: David Gal, Buzz Bonneau (MBA 11), Dan Azagury, MD, Kate Garrett

First Place IT & Web: Kloudless, Inc.

Kloudless is a free service that helps you manage all the things you put in the cloud. We enable users to search for, access, and manage their information that is spread across the Internet. We’re starting with email attachments, the black hole of cloud services, and will expand to other cloud services in the near future. Our solution addresses an increasingly large problem as more and more information moves into the cloud.

First Place Energy & Cleantech: HARBO Technologies

During the first critical hours, oil-spills spread, split, and create escalating irreversible damage. HARBO develops the only emergency oil-spill containment solution for immediate response. HARBO’s Zero Time to Spill system is at standby position on-board oil-tankers/rigs and other ships and deploys a boom (floating barrier) within minutes to contain spills. HARBO’s advantage: Minimizing environmental damage, avoiding large containment/cleanup expenses, offering superb cost- efficiency and preventing a PR nightmare. “Containing oil-spills when they’re small, preventing big disasters.”

People’s Choice Award and First Place Products & Services: Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots, started by two Haas Business School undergrads, promotes sustainability and zero-waste, while reconnecting people to food through its grow-at-home mushroom kit. Our gourmet mushroom kits are made with 100% recycled coffee grounds, and produce 2 pounds of fresh oyster mushrooms in just 10 days! People of all ages can actually grow and eat their own mushrooms all at home, a unique experience in today’s urban lifestyle.

Elevator Pitch Winner: Nanoly

2.1 million people die annually from vaccine-preventable diseases. People living in remote areas of the world struggle to receive immunization because vaccines must be kept refrigerated. Nanoly’s technology enables cheap, effective, and safe delivery of vaccines to anywhere in the world. Nanoly is developing a nanoparticle and hydrogel based chemical shield that can be directly mixed with liquid vaccines to protect them for improved storage and transportation without the need for refrigeration.


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