Make Ship Happen (MASH)

LAUNCH’s Inaugural 30-Hour Makeathon — March 16 & 17, Berkeley, CA

MASH is a startup competition that lets Berkeley’s best and brightest students act as co-founders of LAUNCH accelerator startups for 30 hours. While together, teams have a simple goal: ship something new.

What exactly qualifies as “something new” is in the eye of the beholder. Our startups at LAUNCH have promising products and killer teams, but they’re all facing different challenges on their journeys to the moon: some need new branding collateral, others a new machine-learning algorithm, or 3D model, or financial model, or adjacent market analysis.

Click here to check out our 2018 cohort of startups.

If you’re a Berkeley student with a skill that a startup could use — and want to help us create a new tradition that will shape Cal entrepreneurship for years to come — apply here to act like a member of a LAUNCH team for 30 hours.

If one of our teams needs the help that you’re ready to give, they’ll bring you on as a new member of the team for 30 hours. You’ll get first-hand experience working with a startup, add a new (badass) project to your portfolio, flex those technical, legal, or business skills, and — who knows? — maybe you’ll be a perfect fit for a longer-term role.

Your time commitment is 30 hours, starting at 9am on Friday, March 16th. That’ll get you out by 3 on St. Patties Day, leaving you plenty of time to embrace your inner Irish (and we’ll supply all participants complementary Shamrock Shakes).

Oh, and did we mention that the best “ships” will win a $500 prize? Apply today!