Many resources are available for entrepreneurs. Please feel free to browse the list below. Also, visit The Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, the co-presenter of the University of California’s Startup Accelerator, for more information relating to entrepreneurship. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) would like to collaborate with business students/entrepreneurs by offering a variety of LLNL technologies that are ripe for evaluation and business development.

General Resources

Executive Summary

Business Model Canvas

Pitching VCs

Entrepreneurial Best Practices Series

  • The Entrepreneurial Best Practices Series brings UC Berkeley and the Haas School the best practitioners from the Berkeley and Silicon Valley community to speak about the practical aspects of entrepreneurial activity.
Secrets to the Successful Business Pitch:
Tips from VCs and Entrepreneurs
04/07/14 [not available] Presentation

Overview of Early-Stage Financing Structures 03/05/14 [not available] Presentation

Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs 11/21/13 [not available] Presentation

Getting Your Story Straight: The Power of a Clear Product Narrative 10/28/13 [not available] Presentation

Benefit Corporations: A New Model for Sustainable Capitalism 11/28/12 [not available] Fyfe Marcous
Rahim Storper
Getting Your Story Straight: The Power of a Clear Product Narrative 11/13/12 [not available] Presentation
Corporate Formation and
Building a Valuable IP Portfolio
10/22/12 [not available] Presentations

Legal Issues for Early Stage Companies 3/21/12 [not available] Presentation
The Successful Business Pitch 2/28/12 [not available] Presentation
Financial Modeling/Management 2/15/12 [not available] Presentation
Business Modeling for Entrepreneurs 12/6/11 [not available] Presentation
Marketing for Early-Stage Startups 11/30/11 [not available] Presentation
Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs 10/25/11 [not available] Presentation
Opportunity Recognition & Bplan Launch 10/4/11 [video] Idea Creation Model

Venture and Angel Financing Panel 4/19/11 [video] not available
Legal Issues for Early Stage Companies 3/28/11 [video] Presentation
Partnering with Venture Investors 3/2/11 [video] Presentation
Financing a Start-Up 2/15/11 [video] Presentation
How to Build an Ad-Based Business 2/7/11 [video] Presentation
Business Models that Work for the Poor 12/7/10 [video] not available
How to Write a Business Plan 11/30/10 [video] Presentation
Getting Your Story Straight 11/16/10 [video] Presentation
IP & Legal Issues 10/26/10 [video] Presentation
Opportunity Recognition 10/5/10 not available Presentation

Incorporation and Compensation 3/30/10 [video] Presentation
Pitching 3/1/10 not available Slides
Measuring Social Impact 12/8/09 [video] not available
Internet Mktg & Business Strategies 11/17/09 [video] Presentation