Every day, hundreds of thousands of people scavenge all over the US collecting recyclable materials – cardboard, plastics, and metals that they can sell for cash. At the same time, small and medium businesses (SMBs) pay high prices for recycling collection. The lack of transparency also translates to money lost for SMBs; many businesses are unknowingly overcharged. InnoWaste aims to disrupt the $90B recyclabling industry by connecting businesses with a real-time recycling pick-up service. By logging into the InnoWaste app, a business can request on-demand or scheduled recycle pick up service based on their recycling volume and type. A contracted hauler on the InnoWaste platform is then instantly matched to the job, offering an optimized, transparent and on-demand service. This Innowaste hauler then picks up the recyclables and bring the materials to recycling facilities for redemption. InnoWaste thus offers a flexible way for the underemployed to earn money.