Of the one billion people on the planet that experience some form of disability, 75% of them need assistance to live independently. Most of the caregiving services currently in the market target people with different needs, such as senior care, home care or child care. Liverty is the only service specifically for people with disabilities that leverages technology to find, request and manage assistance to live independently, anywhere they are, anytime they need it. It is a two-sided web/mobile app, in which assistance-seekers and people willing to work as attendants sign up and find their best match, given their needs/capabilities, locations, willingness to pay/charge and personal characteristics. Liverty provides two types of services for people with disabilities: On-demand Request, an Uber-like service in which people with disabilities can request immediate unscheduled assistance. Advance Scheduling, a service for assistance that is required on a regular basis and is scheduled for a fixed time.