Pop Oats

2017 Audience Choice Winner

Pop Oats are the crunchiest oats on Earth – organic, whole oat groats that are minimally processed to provide a tasty, crunchy texture that’s unlike any other oat on the market.  Oats are both GMO and gluten free, naturally low in fat and sugar, and pack more protein and fiber than any other grain.  Not surprisingly then, their health benefits have been well documented…from boosting the immune system, reducing the risk for heart disease and diabetes, and lowering one’s cholesterol and blood pressure.  Long relegated to the restrictive confines of the breakfast world, our product now gives oats their due as a standalone snack that can be better enjoyed throughout the day, whether it be by itself, in your yogurt, or atop your favorite salad.  There are even flavored varieties, so enjoy and don’t feel guilty doing so.