2015 Grand Prize Winner

Ava is empowering 400M deaf and hard-of-hearing people to understand & participate in group conversations where they are excluded from, every day. We developed Ava, a powerful mobile app that provides a real-time color-coded transcription of who says what around them. Think of it as the next Siri for group conversations, a platform focused first on bridging the communication gap for the hearing-impaired, with other really exciting applications in consumer and AI, rethinking how conversations in the future might become. Visit www.transcense.com to understand why our users are talking about a “life-changing app” and trusted us with more than $30,000 pre-orders in less than 6 days.

Thoughts on LAUNCH:
“What surprised us was the quality and diversity of the mentors and also the progress the different teams made, iterating over and over their assumptions into building real businesses.”va

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