Exogen Biotechnology

Exogen Biotechnology is a Berkeley-based healthcare startup dedicated to quantifying DNA damage and assessing cellular DNA repair capacities. Over 40% of the US population will be diagnosed with cancer and doctors desperately need a way to identify at risk cancer patients and stratify cancer patients for various treatment options. Exogen Bio has developed a technology capable of identifying novel DNA prognostic markers that allows clinicians to better prevent and treat cancer. Major hospitals and institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and Loma Linda Medical University have partnered with Exogen Biotechnology to utilize our platform for their patients. Visit us at www.exogenbio.com to find out why DNA health monitoring at Exogen Biotechnology is the future of precision medicine.

Thoughts on LAUNCH:
“LAUNCH was a great platform that really forced us to evaluate what we were doing as a company and if each action was really helping us reach our goal or if it was just a distraction.”

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